Eyan Higgins Jones

One of my friends and favorite artists, Eyan Higgins Jones, has been working on an amazing series of animal portraits. He uses Airbrush to make these massive pieces look soft, furry and almost life like. He just did a limited edition print of the first one called Tigris Panthera and its available here. oh Yeah, and Happy Birthday Eyan keep up the amazing work. Release the beasts. An amazing series of oversized animal head portraits airbrushed with a synthetic realism on canvas. The first portrait, Panthera Tigris or White Tiger is definitely something out of a Siegfried & Roy main attraction with its lush layers of sprayed oil paint. The full collection of heads called, “An onus to nature”, touches the irony and grandeur of species challenged head mounts on our walls. Jones is currently putting dates together in LA and San Francisco and is offering an early release Limited Edition Print. "We're very excited to see this important collection come to life. It's been over a year in the making and will be a remarkable introduction to Eyan's talents." - NorthGoesSouth.com Eyan Higgins Jones currently lives in Northern California with his family, but first gained exposure through his work at Factum Arte in Madrid. His talents span many mediums and like much of his early career his style evolved through his travels in Europe painting and designing on commercial and theatrical assignments. Jones prior work was for a high end client on an important study of airbrushed flowers, which displayed to critical acclaim last year in Europe. The White Tiger is the first and only Limited edition print available. The original portrait is a 60” by 60” canvas that has been reproduced in fine Giclee detail on cotton rag paper. Portfolio - http://eyanhigginsjones.com/portfolio/id/1780 Shop - http://shop.eyanhigginsjones.com/collections/home/products/panthera-tigris-white-tiger-print Tumbr - http://eyanhigginsjones.tumblr.com/